The Blood Alchemist – Synopsis

The world tree is dying, and nobody knows what to do with it. Meanwhile, a powerful and mysterious alchemist is wandering throughout the Middle Continent. Feared by the ordinary folks and hunted by authorities, he was said to be searching for something: the Soul of Ymir, which is apparently, the only thing that can also save the entire nine worlds from collapsing and keeping the Beast of Apocalypse from being unleashed. But, what does he intend to do with it?


After escaping from the world’s most dangerous prison, former high-ranking military man Wintory Thane was hellbent on one thing—assume a new identity and live a normal life as a well-to-do farmer of a vineyard in the southwestern part of the Middle Continent, all away from the action that destroyed his life a decade before.

However, before that, Thane had to do three things:

One, is to find the people who framed him in the king’s murder and make them pay.

Two, is to retrieve the Sword of Destiny—wherever that is.

And three, is to secure the Soul of Ymir.

The first two are goals he made for himself. The last, was the only thing his savior asked him in return. Thane was only able to survive and escape the hellish prison in Apelipisia Island thanks to an enigmatic old man who taught him blood alchemy—the ability to do magic with blood, whether it was his own or from other people.

He asked Thane one thing only: retrieve the Soul of Ymir and return it to its rightful place.

However, being a wanted fugitive and wielder of a dangerous and lost form of magic, Thane knows the path to freedom—real freedom, won’t be an easy one. Especially that he isn’t the only one interested in claiming the Soul of Ymir, because whoever wins it, will have the power to restore or destroy the world.

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