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Three Things You Must Stop Doing To Increase Your Productivity

Sometimes wanting to be more productive is easier said than done. Every day we strive hard to get many things done, to check off as much as items on our to-do list, or juggle multiple tasks at the same time. Until eventually, we get burned out and demotivated, ending up either working on meaningless tasks or doing nothing at all. Being productive is more than just being busy. It’s been said that working smart is the key to success; not working hard. Knowing how to be truly productive can help you do more in less time. Here are three things that you should cease on doing to be more productive:    Sure, multi-tasking can be a handy skill, but when your mind tries to focus on several things at once, you will just become overwhelmed and confused. Since you find it hard to concentrate on a single thing, you might take more time doing it than you usually do. Try to do one task at a time and finish it. Chances are, you’ll be able to do more when you’re solely focused on one task, before proceeding to the next one.  Don’t be shy to ask for help when you need it. List down the tasks that can be handed to another person and delegate it to them. Just make sure of course that they are trustworthy enough and have the necessary skills to do it. This will help you focus and have more time on the more important tasks. Plus if there are tasks that can be automated, do so and see how it will improve your productivity. Take a break. Get enough rest. You might have probably heard this advice many times but did you take it? With so little time and so many things to do, sometimes it’s hard just to keep yourself afloat. That’s why there are instances that we choose to work overtime or maybe skip meals just to get things done. But not only is this unhealthy, it’s counterproductive as well. Low energy and a grumpy mood can get in the way of work, so always try to get adequate sleep and rest. Taking daytime naps might help too. Forming better and more productive habits take time, as well as breaking bad, counterproductive ones. Do the work by gradually avoiding the negatives, and soon enough it will boost your productivity levels and motivation.

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