Ruins of Azgardia: Bestiary

Monsters of all shapes and sizes roam the world of Esgaia. From the sprawling city of Darham to the corners of Abbaddon to Azgardia itself, players will encounter beasts that could harm and kill them. This bestiary is meant to be a guide for all adventurers who play RUINS OF AZGARDIA. Some monsters are based on real-life mythology; while others can only be found in Esgaia. Methods on defeating or escaping these monsters are also contained herein, as well as which class is the most suitable to deal with them.


The Aquari is a type of monster that dwells beneath the seas and oceans. It appears as a normal coral reef at first, before it transforms into an octopus-like beast that devours its victim whole. Fortunately, aquaris are slow-moving creatures, so it may take time for them to reach their victim. The most horrifying thing about being eaten by an aquari is that they also digest their food too slowly. That means, you can see yourself slowly being digested when you are captured by it as you die the most painful death.

Beast of Cataclysm

Probably the most dangerous beast in the world, the Beast of Cataclysm lives in Azgardia, the pet of the demon Beelzebub himself. The beast is colossal in size and has many eyes. From its body sprout a hundred tentacles that would grab its victim. Its mouth is full of sharp, sword-like teeth that could shred its victim to pieces. The beast follows Beelzebub wherever he goes. Now that the demon is ruling Azgardia, the Beast of Cataclysm also guards the city. It has been said that when the Beelzebub finally attacks the rest of the world, it will release the beast to the world, thereby causing countless deaths and unimaginable destruction.


Bludgeoners inhabit the dungeons of the once-glorious city of Wisteria City. They are said to be the people of the city, who was cursed when the infernal cloud from Azgardia drifted into the vicinity. Wisteria City’s citizens were unable to escape, and in their deaths, they inhaled the smoke and were thus turned into demons by the curse of Beelzebub. Unfortunately, the only way to pass to Runnefall was to go through the cursed city of Wisteria. Here, you will encounter an army of undead people who will bludgeon you to death.


Chimeras are the attempt of alchemists to create a new beast by infusing several different parts of animals together. These alchemists formerly reside in Azgardia, who have now been turned into demons themselves. Chimeras can come in different forms, the most common one is the beast created by the Royal Sorcerer-Alchemist Fraudulein, which has a lion’s body, a head of a goat protruding from its body, and a serpentine tail. Chimeras roam around Esgaia after escaping Azgardia a long time ago.


These one-eyed monstrosities reside in the island of Phabos, in the middle regions of the world. Here, they kidnap unwary sailors and eat their flesh. They are gigantic in structure and were said to be even bigger than giants. These beasts are dimwitted, though, and it is easy to outwit them. Cyclopes carry clubs and hammers with them that they would use to smash their prey to death.

Dark Elf

Dark elves live in Untherria, a place where sun cannot reach its inhabitants. They are elves who have fallen from grace. Like their counterparts, sun elves, dark elves or moon elves have long, pointed ears and is proficient at using magic. Untherria is run by the wickedest of dark elves, Elviron, who takes humans and dwarves as slaves. Dark elves have a long history of war with light elves, and they never patched up their differences to this day.


Dragons are the probably the most well-known yet feared beasts in the whole world, and understandably so. Their might and power are legendary that no one in Esgaia has never heard of them. These colossal beasts have bat-like wings and breathe fire. There are many breeds of dragons, but the most common one is the Ambrentine Red, which can be found in the northwestern regions where they feast on large animals, and sometimes, even humans.


Elves, or Sun elves, live in valleys and high altitude places like hills and mountains. Sun elves worship the god of light Luxis Faeris and despise the dark elves. Long ago, the dark elves waged a war against the benevolent sun elves and denounced Luxis Faeris as their god, embracing the deity of cruelty, Nyzamreth. Elves are generally peaceful creatures, yet they can be haughty and arrogant. They are experts at using the longbow and this had been their favored weapon ever since.


Giants are twice or thrice bigger than the normal size of humans. They are divided into two subraces, the valley giants and mountain giants. Valley giants are sentient creatures who have their own culture and language. They are peaceful and benevolent, too, and have established a good relationship with humans and elves. Mountain giants, on the other hand, are violent, savage, and dimwitted. They eat anything they could get their hands on, including humans, elves, and even their own kin.


Gnomes are tiny creatures that live beneath the ground. They love treasure and the comfort of their home, so they rarely leave their habitation. However, they are greedy and selfish. Once a person drops money near a gnome’s house, they quickly take it and never return it. Gnomes wear colorful clothes so they are easy to spot and they can also converse in human language.


Goblins are mean, little humanoids who are violent, selfish, and cruel to other races. They attack in packs and are weak on their own. They are sentient, though, and can create elaborate plans and tactics but being physically weak, they depend on their numbers to win battles. Goblins are ruled by their leaders whom they call their ‘boss’ and follow whatever it commands. Because they like to live in the dark, goblins are afraid of the light and immediately scurry away at the sight of one.


Kobolds are dragon-like humanoids who are violent and aggressive. They are greedy, too, and like to steal treasure from others and hoard it. Kobolds use a wide variety of weapons from flail to swords to hammers. They are individually weak, however like goblins, they use the advantage of numbers to attack. Adventurers are advised to be well-prepared when they’re in woods and savannahs as these are their habitats.


When a warlock or wizard extends their life past beyond their limitations, they become a lich. A lich is a mage that embraced undeath as a means of preserving themselves, often at the cost of their own souls and sanity. They have empty eye sockets, bony hands, and withered skin that have decayed a long time ago. Liches are cruel and powerful. They are only interested in their own affairs and would destroy anyone who tries to block their path to power.


Lizardfolks lives in ruins, jungles, forgotten temples, and other places that are infested with curse and black magic. They aren’t necessarily violent, but they are territorial and aggressive to those whom they think are intruding their place. They can speak in human language and have their own culture as well. They worship Az’ullyar, the dragon god, and believe they have descended from him. Lizardfolks also uses weapons such as swords, whips, and hammers.


Merpeople thrive beneath the oceans and seas. They are half-human and half-fish hybrids that have their own culture and language. What sets them apart from humans, though, appearance-wise beside their tails are their fins, scales that cover their entire body, and sharp, all-black eyes. Merpeople sometimes come to the surface to lure humans to their lair and kill them. It has been said that their song can drive anyone insane, so when navigating, especially the dangerous waters of Karvan Sea, it is best to plug one’s ears so as not to hear their singing.


Orcs are humanoids with large faces, protruding lower teeth that look like tusks, and oversized forehead. They love to destroy villages and enslave humans. A common mistake for an adventurer is to assume orcs can’t think for themselves. Orcs have their own culture and language, and can even understand humans. The strongest of them all, the orc leaders, can formulate complicated yet effective tactics and strategies to combat their foes.

Phantom Knight

When Azgardia fell, thousands of soldiers perished in the aftermath. However, these soldier’s spirits weren’t able to go to the next life as their souls were imprisoned by Beelzebub, bound forever to serve. They reside their old, rusty armors and haunt the old castle of Azgardia. Some phantom knights have went beyond the capital and wander as far as Darham in search of intruders to kill. They have retained no memory and personality, except that they are driven to slay their enemies as ordered by Beelzebub.


Sandswallower looks like a lump at first glance, but it’s actually a monster of ooze that gobbles its victims and slowly dries it. They are commonly found in dry, arid regions and masquerade themselves as a quicksand. After swallowing their victim, it vomits indigestible objects such as weapons, armor, and clothes. Sandswallowers are immune to water, earth, fire, and air and the only thing that can defeat it is a strong magical spell. 


Trolls are dimwitted, gigantic creatures that eat anything it sees, from stone, to small animals, to humans. They are taken in by hags and orcs as servants in exchange for food. They smash anything they see using their clubs and are generally unhygienic. Trolls live under bridges, caves, and hilly areas, and sometimes fight with mountain giants.


Zombies are hideous, undead monsters. They are commonly found in abandoned places, such as destroyed mines, castle ruins, and ancient temples. They bite on anything they see and kill them if they are too slow to move away from their grasp. Although they are slow, they are strong and can kill a victim in a matter of seconds. They have no memories of who they were and are only driven to destroy every living thing that comes in its path.

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