May 30, 2023

Abandoned castle in the middle of a decidous forest

Castle of the Lost

Chapter I: Lost in a Deciduous Forest “I think we’re lost.” Aria turned to Lizzie when she heard her speak. Lizzie was standing in the middle of the forest clearing, hands on the map, with a facial expression that looked like she ate something bad. Aria sighed, went down from the knoll, and rushed to her best friend’s side. “Well, of course, we are,” Aria replied, taking the map from Lizzie’s hand. “Ever since we decided to go off the trail, we are already heading to nowhere.” Aria surveyed the environment around her. Everywhere she looked, there were only deciduous trees, shrubbery, and foliage. There were even no animals or insects around. Most of the trees had already shed their leaves to the ground, while the others that still had some were now brown and orange. She looked up and saw the tree branches blocking her view of the sky. It looked like bony fingers, stretching to the heavens as if it was seeking help. A gentle breeze blew past her. She observed how some of the withered leaves scattered to the wind. That’s when she heard a crow cawing. She looked up and saw it flying overhead. Somehow, even if it was a not-so-friendly animal, seeing another thing alive in that place brought her some relief. She felt strange. She wasn’t scared of the forest at all, but there was something about it that made her feel weird.  “But I was sure the castle is here!” Lizzie replied, exasperated. She looked around the woods. “Well, supposed to be here.” Aria sighed again and gave Lizzie the map back. “Liz. There’s no castle here, except for the abandoned one we saw in the distance earlier. Maybe that’s the one we’re looking for?” “No. I’m sure that’s not the one,” said Lizzie. She took the map again from Aria’s hands and perused it once more. She pointed to a castle drawn at the center of the paper. “See? It’s supposed to be where we are.” “Yet we seem to be standing on it, aren’t we?” said Aria. “Or at least it should be nearby. See? There’s the river here, the big willow tree, the giant rock—everything seems to be correct, except for the castle one. It may be gone a long time ago. Or it may never have existed.” “How could it be? I’ve taken this map from a history book,” said Lizzie. Aria wants to laugh at the seriousness of her friend’s face. She even looked as if she was waiting for something to come out of the paper. Lizzie turned to her. “What?” “You stole that page from a book in the library, didn’t you?” said Aria. “Not stealing. Borrowing it,” said Lizzie, folding the paper gingerly and putting it into her pocket. “Besides, this page was already torn when I got it. I just figured I should bring this for our trip and find this mysterious castle while we’re here.” “Why do you want to find the castle anyway?” Aria smiled and teased Lizzie. “Looking for a prince to marry?” Lizzie jokingly slams Aria’s arm, causing her to wince. “That’s not it!” she said. Then she pursed her lips and shrugged. “Well, if there’s a prince here free for the taking, I’d probably take him. And hey! Didn’t you agree to come with me here because you said we might find a buried treasure somewhere in the castle?” “Yes and no,” said Aria. “Liz, I don’t want to leave Frankfurt alone. You easily get lost, so I had to accompany you, you know.” “That’s mean!” “Seriously, Liz. The other day, you said you could find us the candy shop where the kind old lady on the plane got her chocolates from. We didn’t find ourselves in the candy shop, did we? Instead, we found ourselves in a red light district. And were nearly harassed.” “Don’t remind me of that.” “I was just saying maybe we should stop searching for the castle. We should head back now,” said Aria. She waved her hand to the direction of the hills, where the last glowing embers of the sun give the sky an orange hue. “It’s nearly sundown.” Lizzie heaved a big sigh. “I guess you’re right. So I think I won’t be able to find a prince for myself now.” Aria patted her friend’s back. “Don’t worry. I wasn’t also able to find my gold, so we’re even.” For the first time in hours, Lizzie laughed and then jerked her head to the side. “Let’s go.” Lizzie had been Aria’s friend for years. Exploring places was their favorite hobby. When they were younger, they would always wander around the city, discovering new places and going to areas where none of them had ever set foot before. They frequently encounter trouble, though. One time they were taken to the police because they sneaked inside a private property. Lizzie suggested the place might be abandoned, and no one had been there for years. Aria picked the lock so they could get inside. How would they know there was a roving guard that evening? Just as they entered the door, the night guard shone its flashlight on the door at the right time and discovered them. To the police station, they went and spent the night while they were waiting for their parents to pick them up. Of course, their parents have numerously reprimanded them for going to places that might be dangerous. They were grounded several times, too; the longest was when they were arrested. But they couldn’t stop their daughters with their favorite hobby. Well, Aria and Lizzie promised they would never get into the same or even bigger trouble next time. Until now. Aria and Lizzie walked in that forest, the soles of their shoes crushing the dried leaves beneath it. The map was in Aria’s hands now as she asked for it from Lizzie to amuse herself. She looked at it intensely and then suddenly stopped. “What’s wrong?”

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Character classes

Ruins of Azgardia: Character Classes

RUINS OF AZGARDIA is an RPG game that focuses on the player’s adventure as they try to recapture the capital of the empire, Azgardia, from the demons. The player can choose from seven classes: Mage, Fighter, Merchant, Priest, Ranger, Slayer, and Mechanic. He can form a party with several other players (up to five) as they go on quests and fight monsters in the dungeons of Azgardia. Mage Mages are users of magic and mana. Despite not being able to wield heavy weapons and sport armors, mages can deal incredibly destructive spells against their enemies. They carry wands, quarterstaffs, and various magical objects with them that let them cast spells. There are various subclasses of mages, ranging from warlocks to sorcerers. Fighter Fierce and strong, fighters are masters of martial and defensive arts. They are the ones their party can depend on for defense and offense. There’s a reason why fighters mostly act as the leaders of their group: they’re pretty stubborn, honest, and determined individuals. Fighters are generally divided into three subclasses: weapon wielders, martial artists, and tanks. Merchant Merchants make the world go round by their abilities in handling money and connecting with other people. They are a versatile class, with some being knowledgeable in the arts of magic while others are capable of combat. The greatest advantage a merchant has is their connection with other classes. They can easily form alliances with mages, fighters, and others as they have the knack to influence and convince people. Priest Bound to a sacred oath, priests go out to the world to inspire, lead, and heal people. They are mostly good-aligned individuals who have a mission to drive away evil by using divine magic lent to them by a higher being. The priest class can be divided into three: monks, clerics, and paladins. Monks and paladins wield both magic and weapons, whereas clerics can only cast spells that are already powerful on their own. Ranger Masters of long-ranged combats, no one can escape the eagle eyes of the rangers. They may be not adept at hand-to-hand combat, but they’re unmatched when it comes to wielding guns, longbows, and crossbows. Rangers are generally divided into two subclasses, which are gunslingers and bowmasters.  Slayer Slayers belong to the shadows, emerging from the darkness to kill their prey. They are predators tasked to slay their targets. Some slayers are assassins who belong to a secret underground order; while others are simply rogue thieves whose bloodlust cannot be contained. Slayers are also experts in using a wide variety of weapons and can kill anyone with poison. Mechanic Mechanics rely on their wits and knowledge of technology to combat their foes. They are genius inventors, prodigies in the art of artillery creation, and masters of various crafts. Mechanics can create bombs out of simple materials and craft cannons that can obliterate a horde of monsters in a matter of seconds. With their proficiency in weapon creation, they are in close contact with fighters and slayers.

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Dark medieval town

Webnovel Prologue: INTRO

That year, the world as we know it, ended abruptly. It happened all so sudden. Monsters of all manners appeared out of nowhere and attacked everyone else. There were goblins, orcs, merpeople, birdmen, but most of all, there were demons. They were the ones who unleashed the monsters to attack towns and cities. It destroyed everything. Countless people died. We thought the world was over. But humanity decided to stand up. Some cities and countries were able to defend themselves. They were able to protect what’s left of their population and territory. Slowly, little by little, humanity was able to restart civilization and restored it to something akin to the Industrial Revolution era, but with magic and science combined. We call these places ‘realms’: places protected by magical barriers where people live in peace. However, beyond these realms, monsters still wander freely around. It comprises the 75% of the world’s total area, including the waters. We call these places ‘ruins’: highly dangerous places where all manners of creatures live. Including demons. Why the world ended, I didn’t know for sure. It was done by the demons. But it wasn’t their fault in the first place. It was mine. I put an end to the world, and I am fated to do it again.

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Monster bestiary

Ruins of Azgardia: Bestiary

Monsters of all shapes and sizes roam the world of Esgaia. From the sprawling city of Darham to the corners of Abbaddon to Azgardia itself, players will encounter beasts that could harm and kill them. This bestiary is meant to be a guide for all adventurers who play RUINS OF AZGARDIA. Some monsters are based on real-life mythology; while others can only be found in Esgaia. Methods on defeating or escaping these monsters are also contained herein, as well as which class is the most suitable to deal with them. Aquari The Aquari is a type of monster that dwells beneath the seas and oceans. It appears as a normal coral reef at first, before it transforms into an octopus-like beast that devours its victim whole. Fortunately, aquaris are slow-moving creatures, so it may take time for them to reach their victim. The most horrifying thing about being eaten by an aquari is that they also digest their food too slowly. That means, you can see yourself slowly being digested when you are captured by it as you die the most painful death. Beast of Cataclysm Probably the most dangerous beast in the world, the Beast of Cataclysm lives in Azgardia, the pet of the demon Beelzebub himself. The beast is colossal in size and has many eyes. From its body sprout a hundred tentacles that would grab its victim. Its mouth is full of sharp, sword-like teeth that could shred its victim to pieces. The beast follows Beelzebub wherever he goes. Now that the demon is ruling Azgardia, the Beast of Cataclysm also guards the city. It has been said that when the Beelzebub finally attacks the rest of the world, it will release the beast to the world, thereby causing countless deaths and unimaginable destruction. Bludgeoner Bludgeoners inhabit the dungeons of the once-glorious city of Wisteria City. They are said to be the people of the city, who was cursed when the infernal cloud from Azgardia drifted into the vicinity. Wisteria City’s citizens were unable to escape, and in their deaths, they inhaled the smoke and were thus turned into demons by the curse of Beelzebub. Unfortunately, the only way to pass to Runnefall was to go through the cursed city of Wisteria. Here, you will encounter an army of undead people who will bludgeon you to death. Chimera Chimeras are the attempt of alchemists to create a new beast by infusing several different parts of animals together. These alchemists formerly reside in Azgardia, who have now been turned into demons themselves. Chimeras can come in different forms, the most common one is the beast created by the Royal Sorcerer-Alchemist Fraudulein, which has a lion’s body, a head of a goat protruding from its body, and a serpentine tail. Chimeras roam around Esgaia after escaping Azgardia a long time ago. Cyclops These one-eyed monstrosities reside in the island of Phabos, in the middle regions of the world. Here, they kidnap unwary sailors and eat their flesh. They are gigantic in structure and were said to be even bigger than giants. These beasts are dimwitted, though, and it is easy to outwit them. Cyclopes carry clubs and hammers with them that they would use to smash their prey to death. Dark Elf Dark elves live in Untherria, a place where sun cannot reach its inhabitants. They are elves who have fallen from grace. Like their counterparts, sun elves, dark elves or moon elves have long, pointed ears and is proficient at using magic. Untherria is run by the wickedest of dark elves, Elviron, who takes humans and dwarves as slaves. Dark elves have a long history of war with light elves, and they never patched up their differences to this day. Dragon Dragons are the probably the most well-known yet feared beasts in the whole world, and understandably so. Their might and power are legendary that no one in Esgaia has never heard of them. These colossal beasts have bat-like wings and breathe fire. There are many breeds of dragons, but the most common one is the Ambrentine Red, which can be found in the northwestern regions where they feast on large animals, and sometimes, even humans. Elves Elves, or Sun elves, live in valleys and high altitude places like hills and mountains. Sun elves worship the god of light Luxis Faeris and despise the dark elves. Long ago, the dark elves waged a war against the benevolent sun elves and denounced Luxis Faeris as their god, embracing the deity of cruelty, Nyzamreth. Elves are generally peaceful creatures, yet they can be haughty and arrogant. They are experts at using the longbow and this had been their favored weapon ever since. Giants Giants are twice or thrice bigger than the normal size of humans. They are divided into two subraces, the valley giants and mountain giants. Valley giants are sentient creatures who have their own culture and language. They are peaceful and benevolent, too, and have established a good relationship with humans and elves. Mountain giants, on the other hand, are violent, savage, and dimwitted. They eat anything they could get their hands on, including humans, elves, and even their own kin. Gnomes Gnomes are tiny creatures that live beneath the ground. They love treasure and the comfort of their home, so they rarely leave their habitation. However, they are greedy and selfish. Once a person drops money near a gnome’s house, they quickly take it and never return it. Gnomes wear colorful clothes so they are easy to spot and they can also converse in human language. Goblins Goblins are mean, little humanoids who are violent, selfish, and cruel to other races. They attack in packs and are weak on their own. They are sentient, though, and can create elaborate plans and tactics but being physically weak, they depend on their numbers to win battles. Goblins are ruled by their leaders whom they call their ‘boss’ and follow whatever it commands. Because they like to live in

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Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Orange Accents Black Rubber Strap Men’s Watch T1214204705104

3 things we love: Legacy, tradition, and innovation: these are the three things that define Tissot’s offering, the T-Touch Connect Solar T1214204705104. Tissot prides itself as the leading innovator when it comes to watches and chronographs, and rightfully so. With T-Touch Connect Solar T1214204705104, all you ever want for a watch is here. Like its predecessor, T-Touch Connect Solar is nonmagnetic and is a multifunction tactile watch that lets its users enjoy a lot of features. Being innovators by tradition, Tissot included features such as calendar, chronograph, and altimeter functions. For the daring and adventurous, this watch is a must-have. It comes with an activity tracker and call and message notification system. Wherever you are, or no matter what you are doing, you are up to date with what’s happening on your mobile devices. Moreover, with its ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal, it’s scratch-resistant. In any terrain and place, this watch will be at your side at all times. T-Touch Connect Solar is solar-powered, giving it an almost unlimited energy supply. Online, it can last up to six months; offline, it’s virtually inexhaustible. Its design is simple yet bold and practical. You can see the information clearly on the extra-legible outer Memory in Pixel screen. The orange accented black watch gives it a feeling of excitement and thrill. The orange accent stands out, so whether you are on the go or working out, seeing your messages and notifications is as easy as telling time. The watch comes with a 23 mm by 7.5 inches black rubber strap that is comfortable and durable. Tissot takes privacy seriously, and any data stored in their servers are ensured to be secure. For anyone who’s always on the move or loves the thrill of being outdoors, T-Touch Connect Solar is the perfect watch to have. Tissot has once again given us a smart, tough, and beautifully crafted watch, proudly Swiss-made.

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How to Deal With Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is an uncontrollable need to gamble continuously despite the negative consequences it can bring to their life. Most people think that gambling is just a fun, harmless way to pass time, but it can turn into a serious problem. If you or a loved one is currently struggling with this, gambling addiction help can be obtained by seeking professional help or reaching out to support groups. Warning Signs of Gambling Addiction Compulsive gambling affects millions of people worldwide. Usually, people who are struggling with this kind of addiction are unaware of their problem. After all, gambling takes on many different mediums: from casino, slot machines, cards, sports betting, lottery, and even raffle games, so it’s not uncommon if someone is oblivious to the fact that they already are. The degree of addiction also varies from person to person and might get worse over time. People who have gambling problems may deny or lie about their issues until it’s too obvious to hide. Here are signs to watch out for if someone has gambling problems: True-to-life gambling addiction stories tell how destructive this can be. Suffice to say, the dangers that go along with addiction go beyond just losing money or leaving one in huge debt. It’s possible for them to also lose their job, ruin their relationships, and even face legal issues. Worst of all, the desperation might cause them commit suicide. Therefore, it’s crucial to address the issue before it’s too late. Getting Help There are a number of ways on how to stop gambling addiction. Gambling addiction treatment may include self-help, counselling, and other various programs with the aid of professionals and supportive communities that help problem gamblers on their path to recovery. Join a peer support group. Support groups are run and managed by people with similar experiences with the purpose to help other compulsive gamblers recover. One example is Gamblers Anonymous (GA), a twelve-step treatment program, where the only requirement is the member’s desire to stop gambling. Seek professional help. Professionals employ techniques to address the underlying problem of the addiction. It may involve cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and medications that can help reduce the urge to gamble. Reach out to your friends and family. Dealing with this addiction is already hard on its own, but having the support of the people around you can make a lot of difference. Overcoming gambling addiction is difficult but certainly doable. It’s good to keep in mind that there is always life outside the exciting, yet insidious, world of gambling. Taking up other interests to fill in the hours usually being spent on gambling can be a great help too. It all starts with the decision and the willingness to quit gambling once and for all. The road to recovery might be long and difficult, but it will be worth it. 

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Saturn in 1st House: Learning How to Assert Oneself and Creating Identity

People have been fascinated by the skies for a long time. The ancients believe that it holds the answers to our questions in life. Some even think that it has the key to our future. It can show us where we came from and where we are going. Astrology can help us answer those questions. While most of us are only familiar with our sun signs, planets and other heavenly bodies also have a strong influence on our lives. This is true in the case of Saturn. Saturn is regarded as the most fearsome planet in astrology. People associate this planet with the negative aspects of life. Things such as illness, misfortune, misery, struggles, difficulties, despair, and hardships are attributed to Saturn. It’s also the planet of restrictions, limitations, and reality. With that, Saturn isn’t all bad. It represents the obstacles we will face in our lives. It may be true that Saturn won’t make it easy for us. Just like a strict teacher, it makes us learn lessons the hard way. Saturn is known as the taskmaster of the planets. It gives us what we need to learn in order to grow. Regarding its placement in the houses, Saturn will have a tremendous effect on a specific area in our life and can also affect our personality. If you have Saturn in 1st House, read on to know about the lessons you have to overcome. Discovering Your Saturn in the 1st House Our skies are divided into twelve sections when viewed from Earth. Each of them represents a particular area in our lives. For example, the 1st House governs our self-image, the Ego, how we assert ourselves to others, our identity, and self-perception. It also carries our characteristics, personality, and attitudes in life. Many astrologers have said that Saturn doesn’t sit comfortably in the 1st House. This planet is known for its inclination towards discipline, rules, and structure. Because it’s placed in the 1st House, the tendency is that these natives’ sense of self is limited. They may be too cautious or cold and serious in everything. This doesn’t mean to say these people don’t know fun. In their childhood, they may have been brought up to shoulder the burden of others. They are already responsible from the start. They put their heart into everything, sometimes forgetting themselves in the process. Thus, these natives can become too easily stressed. When there’s a project that isn’t done, they won’t rest until it’s completed. They set the bar high for themselves and expect others to do the same. It may also reach the point they become too hard on themselves. Saturn asks them not to take everything too seriously. They will also be taught how to assert themselves properly. Because they have carried much responsibility since their early years, they may not know how to relax. These people need to balance their productivity and meet their own needs. Saturn in 1st House Personality Traits Natives with this Saturn placement are mostly known for their cold and stern exterior. They usually don’t smile a lot, which makes people see them differently when they do. It’s just that they tend to take everything seriously. They also aren’t open communicators and would usually shy away from expressing themselves. On the upside, though, these people can be very reliable. When the going gets tough, you can depend on them to take control of the situation. They are responsible, respectable, and orderly. They have a strong sense of morality which makes them capable of judging which one is right and not. With their immense talent and gift in leadership, these people can get ahead in life. Only when they let go of the anxiety that comes along with their placement will they be able to enjoy what is theirs rightfully. These people are too cautious of allowing people into their lives. Learning to express themselves more openly without being too wary of exposing their vulnerabilities is one step. Responsible and Disciplined These people are dependable. Others can rely on them because they are always willing to lend a hand. In any situation they’re in, they will try to take control. Whenever there’s a task that needs to be done, they will do whatever it takes to complete that. They don’t like to do things half-heartedly. Combined with disciplined Saturn, these people are determined to finish everything they’ve started. Thus, others can always count on them on anything. They will also be there to help anyone out, even at the expense of themselves. Capable and Talented They possess a number of gifts and talents that can help them get ahead in life. However, they may sometimes feel insecure about their abilities. Or, at times, they may be too cautious about doing anything. If they let this limitation overcome them instead of them overcoming it, they may not achieve what they wanted. Strong Sense of Right and Wrong They have a keen judgment and acute perception of things. More so than other people, they can sense what’s right and wrong in almost any situation. They think fast and act fast. Cautious, Cold, and Stern These people have little warmth. Others may perceive them as too strict and cold, which makes them seem like they’re contemplating all the time. They are too focused on the work they need to do that they tend to forget everything else. While being reliable and dutiful are good, they can become too focused on these things. Another trait they must take note of is their cautious nature. A good amount of self-discipline and self-restraint is necessary. These people, though, are too careful with expressing themselves or acting in front of others. They may also have difficulty asserting themselves. This can lead to isolation or anxiety in the long run. Easily-Stressed and Take Things Seriously Because these people take everything seriously, whether it’s their career or personal lives, they can get easily stressed. They want to do their best in everything and want

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Desktop computer productivity

Three Things You Must Stop Doing To Increase Your Productivity

Sometimes wanting to be more productive is easier said than done. Every day we strive hard to get many things done, to check off as much as items on our to-do list, or juggle multiple tasks at the same time. Until eventually, we get burned out and demotivated, ending up either working on meaningless tasks or doing nothing at all. Being productive is more than just being busy. It’s been said that working smart is the key to success; not working hard. Knowing how to be truly productive can help you do more in less time. Here are three things that you should cease on doing to be more productive:    Sure, multi-tasking can be a handy skill, but when your mind tries to focus on several things at once, you will just become overwhelmed and confused. Since you find it hard to concentrate on a single thing, you might take more time doing it than you usually do. Try to do one task at a time and finish it. Chances are, you’ll be able to do more when you’re solely focused on one task, before proceeding to the next one.  Don’t be shy to ask for help when you need it. List down the tasks that can be handed to another person and delegate it to them. Just make sure of course that they are trustworthy enough and have the necessary skills to do it. This will help you focus and have more time on the more important tasks. Plus if there are tasks that can be automated, do so and see how it will improve your productivity. Take a break. Get enough rest. You might have probably heard this advice many times but did you take it? With so little time and so many things to do, sometimes it’s hard just to keep yourself afloat. That’s why there are instances that we choose to work overtime or maybe skip meals just to get things done. But not only is this unhealthy, it’s counterproductive as well. Low energy and a grumpy mood can get in the way of work, so always try to get adequate sleep and rest. Taking daytime naps might help too. Forming better and more productive habits take time, as well as breaking bad, counterproductive ones. Do the work by gradually avoiding the negatives, and soon enough it will boost your productivity levels and motivation.

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10 Most Enchanting Medieval Castles in Europe

Magnificent and splendid, these castles have captured the hearts and imaginations of many. Most of them were built during the so-called the Dark Ages, but these strongholds have housed and protected nobilities for eras and even survived until this day. Nowadays, though, people associate these places with magic and stories of make-believe. You might even be familiar with some of the castles on this list. If you ever decide to visit some of the places listed here, you might still find its broken battlements that whisper stories of gory, epic battles, or its lonely chambers hiding dark, and deadly secrets that could never, ever be known.  Here are my top 10 picks for the most stunning medieval castle in Europe: 1. Bran Castle, Romania Most likely, you’ve already heard of the legendary vampire and his castle in Transylvania. And being the only castle in Romania that fits Bram Stoker’s description in his immortal novel, Dracula, Bran Castle has since been known as—you guessed it—Dracula’s Castle. Although Dracula is certainly fictional, nobody could deny the mysterious beauty of the castle, as well as the enchanting town that surrounds it. 2. Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania On an island in Lake Galve stands the Trakai Island Castle, which is also an important monument in Lithuania. It was built to be a formidable fortress until the Lithuanians suffered a crushing defeat in the Battle of Grunwald against the Polish army. The castle was almost left in ruins, and then in the 19th century, Romanticism saw the renewed interests of artists in the castle, and soon after plans of restoration began taking place. It was not until the 1950s that the reconstruction of the island castle started, following its original design.  3. Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria This beautiful medieval fortress is surrounded by the Berchtesgaden Alps and the adjacent Tennen Mountains, sitting above the Salzach River Valley. Due to its strategic location, the castle once served as a military base, and then, later on, became a state prison. Its long history as a defensive bulwark, the breath-taking views around this place, as well as the undeniable allure of the edifice itself, made it one of the most visited castles in Europe. 4. Eltz Castle, Germany A castle perched atop a hill and hidden in the midst of the thick forest is like something straight out of a fairy tale, and Eltz Castle certainly meets that. Beautiful and mysterious, this castle has attracted many photographers and tourists for years. And for almost a thousand years too, it’s run and preserved by the same family. Seriously, what could be more amazing than that? 5. Malbork Castle, Poland Considered as the largest castle in the world, Malbork Castle is also known as the Castle of the Teutonic Order. What could be the reason of this castle’s impressive size? When the seat of the Grand Master moved here from Venice, the castle was enlarged to accommodate more knights. The castle is located near the Baltic Sea and River Vistula, which gave the barges and trading ships easy access. The castle has a rich and colourful history, and it’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Malbork Castle Museum. 6. Doorwerth Castle, Netherlands One of the oldest castles in the Netherlands, Doorwerth Castle sits near the river Rhine. The original castle was most likely made out of wood, but following an invasion, it was later rebuilt from stone. The beautiful castle, along with its unique surroundings and three museums to visit, makes it worthwhile to visit. 7. Mont-Saint-Michel, France Picture this: a castle proudly standing above a town in an island located in the middle of a large body of water. On the top of the castle is a towering spire that soars above the blue roofs of the monastery and buildings below it. This magical place is none other than Mont-Saint-Michel, a magnificent monastery, located in the bay which joins Normandy and Brittany. For many years it was a place where pilgrims gather to show their faith. It was said that a bishop named Aubert had the church built on the top of the island after being ordered by the Archangel Michael himself. Since then, the majestic castle became a place of inspiration and devotion, both to the pilgrims and to tourists who have been captivated by its otherworldly beauty. 8. Alhambra, Spain Down in the southwestern part of Europe lays a unique gem of a palace and fortress complex known as Alhambra. The fortress served as a residence for many monarchs since it was built by the last Muslim dynasty in the Iberian Peninsula. With its unique features that strongly reflect the Moorish culture and architectural style, Alhambra is certainly one of those phenomenal castles that will dazzle you with its richness. 9. Fenis Castle, Italy Many castles are built on advantageous grounds such as hilltops and near bodies of water, but Fenis Castle begs to differ. It sits on a flat ground; however, it’s surrounded by double crenelated walls that envelop the castle and its many towers, some of which are massive. Its harmonious architecture makes it pleasing to the eye. 10. Windsor Castle, England This list wouldn’t be complete without the famous home of the British royalty for hundreds of years. Occupying thirteen acres of land, Windsor Castle has two building complexes and the massive Round Tower between them. The castle itself is a medieval structure, which also features Georgian, Victorian, and Gothic design, reflecting the changes in architectural style over the long course of its history. As you would have expected in a royal residence, it’s also the home to many great art pieces. But since it’s one of the three official residences of the Queen, it’s a working palace as well as a favourite place of her Majesty to spend her private weekends in. It’s open to public and visitors can book their tickets to see the stunning and splendid castle of the reigning royals.

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