Ruins of Azgardia: Character Classes

RUINS OF AZGARDIA is an RPG game that focuses on the player’s adventure as they try to recapture the capital of the empire, Azgardia, from the demons. The player can choose from seven classes: Mage, Fighter, Merchant, Priest, Ranger, Slayer, and Mechanic. He can form a party with several other players (up to five) as they go on quests and fight monsters in the dungeons of Azgardia.


Mages are users of magic and mana. Despite not being able to wield heavy weapons and sport armors, mages can deal incredibly destructive spells against their enemies. They carry wands, quarterstaffs, and various magical objects with them that let them cast spells. There are various subclasses of mages, ranging from warlocks to sorcerers.


Fierce and strong, fighters are masters of martial and defensive arts. They are the ones their party can depend on for defense and offense. There’s a reason why fighters mostly act as the leaders of their group: they’re pretty stubborn, honest, and determined individuals. Fighters are generally divided into three subclasses: weapon wielders, martial artists, and tanks.


Merchants make the world go round by their abilities in handling money and connecting with other people. They are a versatile class, with some being knowledgeable in the arts of magic while others are capable of combat. The greatest advantage a merchant has is their connection with other classes. They can easily form alliances with mages, fighters, and others as they have the knack to influence and convince people.


Bound to a sacred oath, priests go out to the world to inspire, lead, and heal people. They are mostly good-aligned individuals who have a mission to drive away evil by using divine magic lent to them by a higher being. The priest class can be divided into three: monks, clerics, and paladins. Monks and paladins wield both magic and weapons, whereas clerics can only cast spells that are already powerful on their own.


Masters of long-ranged combats, no one can escape the eagle eyes of the rangers. They may be not adept at hand-to-hand combat, but they’re unmatched when it comes to wielding guns, longbows, and crossbows. Rangers are generally divided into two subclasses, which are gunslingers and bowmasters. 


Slayers belong to the shadows, emerging from the darkness to kill their prey. They are predators tasked to slay their targets. Some slayers are assassins who belong to a secret underground order; while others are simply rogue thieves whose bloodlust cannot be contained. Slayers are also experts in using a wide variety of weapons and can kill anyone with poison.


Mechanics rely on their wits and knowledge of technology to combat their foes. They are genius inventors, prodigies in the art of artillery creation, and masters of various crafts. Mechanics can create bombs out of simple materials and craft cannons that can obliterate a horde of monsters in a matter of seconds. With their proficiency in weapon creation, they are in close contact with fighters and slayers.

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