Webnovel Prologue: INTRO

That year, the world as we know it, ended abruptly.

It happened all so sudden. Monsters of all manners appeared out of nowhere and attacked everyone else. There were goblins, orcs, merpeople, birdmen, but most of all, there were demons. They were the ones who unleashed the monsters to attack towns and cities. It destroyed everything. Countless people died.

We thought the world was over.

But humanity decided to stand up. Some cities and countries were able to defend themselves. They were able to protect what’s left of their population and territory. Slowly, little by little, humanity was able to restart civilization and restored it to something akin to the Industrial Revolution era, but with magic and science combined. We call these places ‘realms’: places protected by magical barriers where people live in peace.

However, beyond these realms, monsters still wander freely around. It comprises the 75% of the world’s total area, including the waters. We call these places ‘ruins’: highly dangerous places where all manners of creatures live. Including demons.

Why the world ended, I didn’t know for sure. It was done by the demons. But it wasn’t their fault in the first place.

It was mine. I put an end to the world, and I am fated to do it again.

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